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Roddie Philip Dumas Jr. known to most as R.J. but we called him “Nookie”. RJ was the average 3rd grader. He loved the outdoors, attending church, spending time with his family & friends and playing various gaming systems. Roddie’s laugh was contagious and his smile would light up a room.

On April 16, 2004, my life was forever altered when Roddie was attacked by 4 Pit Bulls while playing outside of his grandmother’s home. Sadly, RJ succumbed to his injuries.There are no words that can
express the pain I felt and still feel today. My 8 year old little boy was gone.

While coming to terms with my son’s death, I often wondered how many others were out there like me who had experienced this same fate. It led me on a path of research that I honestly wasn’t prepared for. This journey revealed jaw-dropping statistics on dog bites, attacks and fatalities within the USA from young to old. My need for understanding revealed that 4.5 million dog bites occur yearly & youth around Roddie’s age experienced a higher percentage of injuries.

Through a concentrated focus of preventative measures & various education initiatives, you can be the difference between life & death. Being a responsible dog owner takes more than just feeding and loving them. You MUST do your due diligence to equip yourself with the tools and resources to create a safe haven where children & their pets can safely co-exist together.

I can’t bring my son back however, what better way for me to honor Roddie’s life by being instrumental in saving others. Please join me in our mission to minimize dog bites and keep RJ’s memory alive!

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